Sixth Game Beaten of ’09: Devil May Cry 4

If you had asked me at the beginning of this generation which Capcom series I was most excited to see upgraded, I undoubtedly would have said Devil May Cry. Despite being a huge fan of the Resident Evil mythos, the gameplay of Devil May Cry has always grabbed my attention more. While are their core both games are quite similar (exploring 3D environments, solving insane and illogical puzzles, experience over-the-top narratives), something about the uber-stylized fast paced gameplay of Devil May Cry was just more appealing to me. And of course there is Dante, who just oozes cool.

So it should come as no surprise that I anxiously waited for the release of Devil May Cry 4. I’m lucky enough to have a choice in consoles and I ended up getting the game on the Playstation 3. I did however give the XBOX 360 version a spin upon release as well and found it to have some graphical issues, including some serious screen tearing, that I was not seeing in the PS3 version. Regardless, I played the game on the PS3, ultimately giving the game an 8 in my review here, despite some issues I had with the game.

All that brings us to 2009, over a year after the release of DMC4. Looking for games to snag some cheap (as in cost wise) achievement points on my 360, I realized my friend still had his copy of of the game and I decided to give the game a second chance on the console and returned home to one of my favorite series in gaming. Capcom has issued a patch for the title on the system and while it does improve the graphical snares I had experienced with the game previously it did nothing to improve my main issue with the game, that being Nero.

To be fair, removing Nero would make no sense in the context of this game, after all Nero is the star of Devil May Cry 4. Let me repeat that. Nero is the star of Devil May Cry 4. I have a fundamental problem with Nero being the star of a game in Dante’s series. If this game was called Devil May Cry Anything But 4, I would be OK with it because it would be a spin-off of the main game but it IS called Devil May Cry 4 and Dante should be the star. No offense to Nero, who has an interesting gameplay mechanic, but when I play Devil May Cry I want to play as Dante. I want to play as the cool, wise cracking devil hunter. I do not want to play as a whiny kid with a glowing arm who wishes he was a quarter as cool as Dante.

But I digress, while I may feel I may have overrated the game when I played it last year at release, in the end I found the game to be flawed but fun, much like its predecessors. However unlike its predecessors I don’t see myself returning to it again and again.

3 out of 5


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