I Love the Smell of Hypocrisy

I don’t like Jon & Kate Plus 8.  I think the show is overwhelmingly fake.  I find Jon to be possibly the most boring person on television, I think Kate is a bitch, and I think both of them are exploiting the crap out of their children.  I have always been aware of the show’s […]

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How Tony Hawk Rode Off My Radar

Back in the early days of the Playstation 2 I jumped on the extreme sports bandwagon for a short bit, I had Tony Hawk 3 (and 4), SSX, some BMX game that promised me boobs but was really just lame instead. My fascination with extreme sports was short lived though and I haven’t much paid […]

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Film Review: Angels & Demons

I really wanted to like the film adaptation of The Da Vinci Code. Granted it had mitigating factors working against it from the outset but I really enjoyed the novel and was hoping for the best. The Da Vinci Code ended up being quite a disappointment for me and I held out no hope for […]

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Film Review: Star Trek

I’m not going to be shy about it.  Despite my love of the science fiction genre, I have never been a  fan of the Star Trek universe.  The original series was too campy for me and while the original cast movies were certainly an upgrade, they were very hit or miss.  The Next Generation never […]

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