Game Review: Punch-Out!! (Wii)

Like many gamers I have a long standing relationship with Nintendo and an innate love for many of their franchises. And while I wait with bated breath over every announcement for the newest Mario or Metroid, there is one franchise that I have wanted to be brought back for quite a long time now. That […]

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Film Review: Up

I was going to start out this review by stating there are very few movie studios that have the stellar track record that Pixar has but honestly that would be an incorrect statement because there is no movie studio in business today that has the body of work that Pixar has.  To me personally Pixar […]

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Film Review: Terminator Salvation

There are few series in film that have been as influential as The Terminator franchise. James Cameron’s 1984 film catapulted Arnold Schwarzenegger to stardom and the 1991 sequel, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, is still held in high regard amongst Schwarzenegger, Cameron and general action film fans. Six years ago (and 12 years after T2) someone […]

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Color Me Impressed

So today I got to watch the E3 press conferences from the comfort of my own home on my television. Here are some of my thoughts from this mornings / afternoons conferences. —————— Last year Nintendo kicked me in the balls with their press conference and it hurt. A lot. Since then I have been […]

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Color Me Unimpressed

So today I watched the Microsoft E3 conference. Unlike most people who seemed to be relatively comfortable at their personal computers I was at work, doing work, while watching the press conference on my phone. Anyway here are the thoughts I had while watching the conference. Rock Band Beatles Songs are announced. yay, I guess? […]

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