Color Me Impressed

So today I got to watch the E3 press conferences from the comfort of my own home on my television. Here are some of my thoughts from this mornings / afternoons conferences.


Last year Nintendo kicked me in the balls with their press conference and it hurt. A lot. Since then I have been walking around with a special cup to protect against any spontaneous Nintendo attempts on my testicles. Needless to say I went into the Nintendo press conference with little to no expectations that Nintendo was going to announce anything remotely interesting to me. Surprisingly they did announce some things, although seemingly not what many of you wanted.

New Super Mario Bros Wii
– I like Mario. This game is old school Mario, thus it is awesome.

Wii Fit Plus
– I couldn’t care less about this but my wife enjoys Wii Fit so if it is reasonably priced I’ll probably pick it up.

Wii Sports Resort
– Wii Motion Plus, yay, I guess? It releases end of July so I guess that’s a cool thing.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers
– I like Final Fantasy so this one could be fun.

Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story
– The DS truly is the portable RPG machine. I’ve never been a huge Mario RPG fan but I might give this a go.

Golden Sun DS
– I don’t know anything about this series other than it is an RPG. I’ll probably pass.

James Patterson Women’s Murder Club: Games of Passion
– ummm… OK, how did this make the cut into the presentation

C.O.P. The Recruit
– a GTA like game for the DS. Sounds cool. Could be fun.

Mario Vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again
– wow there sure are a lot of DS games.

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
– a lot of them…

And the WTF moment of the show goes to Wii Vitality. I am not sure what the hell this thing is. Is the Wii really a piece of hospital equipment. I can’t wait for Wii IV or Wii Defibrillator.

Super Mario Galaxy 2
– I was happy with New Super Mario Bros Wii, this is like the happy ending after a nice massage. Why didn’t Miyamoto introduce this one? Anyway it should be great and maybe it will have a Wii hospital accessory to be used with it.

The Conduit
– not for me.

Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles
– Nice but is it another light gun game? I’m not sure I want one of those again.

Dead Space: Extraction
– Again nice but don’t care.

Metroid: Other M
– Oh My God! This is awesome. Yes its made by the remnants of the Ninja Gaiden Team Ninja but then again Nintendo isn’t going to let Metroid suck so this should be as great as it looks. I wasn’t a fan of the 3D Metroids and this seems like a return to the old style (mixed with some new style as well). Yes this game is awesome, why do I have to wait until 2010 for it. Ugh….. Anyway awesome way to end the show.


Favorite announcements
: Metroid: Other M, Super Mario Galaxy 2, New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Least Favorite announcements
: Wii Vitality and James Patterson Women’s Murder Club – seriously what the fuck?

Overall grade to Nintendo: A

And then after coming down from my high I sat down to watch the Sony show. A lot had already leaked so I was expecting a rather boring conference from them even though the games were sure to rock.

Sony kicks off with a video montage of gameplay footage using Queen’s One Vision as its song. Tretton on stage…. blah blah blah talking about the PS2 (nine years in, $99, huge value, blah… blah… blah) 100 new PS2 games this year.

Seriously do we need to spend that much time on the PS2? We get it, the thing is mad successful but can we get to the new stuff?

– already out….

Uncharted 2 – multiplayer beta starts tonight at Midnight. Demos single player story against a helicopter. Looks amazing. Nate is sarcastic as ever. awesome awesome looking. I am getting this.

– Still a stupid name. Live gameplay of 256 person match. Not the best looking game but…. its huge. I’m getting this. It’s awesome.

Sony is 2 for 2 so far.

PSP Bundles out the ying yang. We are getting bundles for Rock Band Unplugged, Final Fantasy Dissidia, Assassin’s Creed Bloodlines, and Hannah Montana?

Whatever? It all seems silly after Kaz Hirai (who seemed quite happy to be there) unveils Sony’s newest piece of hardware called Called the Worst Kept Secret of E3 (Hirai is funny) or the PSP Go. Not replacing the PSP3000 and will be marketed along side it. Plays the same games. 50% smaller and 40% lighter than the original PSP. 16Gig and integrated wifi and bluetooth. MediaGo introduced, able to access the PS Store from your PC. PSP Sense Me (sounds like Apples Genius feature) 80% reduction in the cost of dev kits. All games will be distributed by the PS Store or by UMD. PS Store video service is available directly from the PSP starting today. PSP Go $249 on October 1.

I like it. I am going to get it, I think, maybe…. yeah I am going to get it.

Polyphony Digital takes the stage that can mean only one thing…..

Gran Turismo PSP
. Full Scale GT. 60FPS. 800 cars, 35 tracks with multiple layouts. I want. blah….blah…. blah… Just give me the date already……. blah….. blah…. blah….. Really just give me the date…..blah….blah….car trading…. blah…..

I’m going to strangle this guy….

Game looks great and best of all it hits October 1

Kojima takes the stage. It’s Metal Gear time.

“PSP is getting really hotter and Snake is coming back on the PSP”

MGS: Peace Walker is announced, no surprise there. 10 years after MGS3, true sequel in the MGS franchise. Kojima kinds of looks like a bird. He’s writing the script and the main MGS team is on this game. Man he really wants to stress that this is his game. What does that mean for Rising? Peace Walker will be tailored for the PSP.

Multiple Snakes!!! Outer Heaven!!!!!

I want!

Sony is now 4 for 4.

RE PSP, LBP, Motorstorm Arctic Something or other and a bunch of other PSP games I don’t know are coming soon. The PSP is looking up.

PSN Time…

Final Fantasy VII !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AVAILABLE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


No need for me to buy a $200 sealed copy anymore, I can just download it. In fact as soon as this is over I am going to do that. (Accept it is still not there but Resident Evil: Director’s Cut is….)

PS Home
…..I don’t care. Evidently a lot of people do though.

– PS3 Exclusive from Rockstar North. Set in the 70s and is a spy game. It will probably play like GTA IV, which I didn’t like, but I’ll get it anyway because spys rule.

Assassins Creed 2
– the sequel to AC (duh?) quest for vengeance. Will interact with DaVinci. Looks amazing, I’ll probably hate it but play through it anyway. Can connect the PSP game to the PS3 version for special unlockables to be used in AC2.

Final Fantasy XIII
– Looks pretty. I’ll be getting it on both PS3 and 360 because I am insane.

Final Fantasy XIV
– WTF? Awesome. Seems like an MMO set in the “classic” (read not space shit FF universe). I might just have to start playing MMOs. Giant mounted chickens FTW! Oh and it is PS3 exclusive, nice grab Sony.

Uh oh…. motion control time. It’s a magic wand. Its ridiculous. I want to crawl into a hole. I hate motion control.

five minutes later…..

I hate to say it but it is actually pretty impressive. Spring 2010. I’ll be interested to see how it develops from this point forward, it has potential and Sony isn’t just trying to show how we can have fun as a family they want to use it for “real” games. We’ll see. I’m interested, against my better judgment.

LBP Disney costumes this fall. Cool I guess?

ModNation Racers
– LBP style racing game. It’s like Mario Kart but with user created content. Tools look easy to use and tracks should be easy to make. I want it.

The Last Guardian
– Not really a surprise. Looks great, my wife thinks it looks stupid so it is bound to be awesome. What happened to the little fat Mexican kid though?

– Still looks awesome, evidently has NASCAR sponsorship but still no release date. I am beginning to think that this is vaporware too. At least GT PSP is coming.

God of War III
– It looks like more God of War, this time with nut snatching action. Awesome.


Favorite announcements
: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Gran Turismo PSP, Final Fantasy VII, PSP Go, Final Fantasy XIV, ModNation Racers, The Last Guardian, Sony Motion Control

Least Favorite announcements
: I wasn’t disappointed in any of their announcements, some of their non-announcements though could make a list of their own.

Overall grade to Sony: A+


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