Is It So Hard To Ask…

…that people play a game properly.

I’ve been playing online games long enough that I understand there are a select group of “special” individuals who make it their life’s goal to make other people’s leisure time a giant pain in the ass.  Be it homophobic racists in Halo, assholes who leave the map in Gears of War, or even people who take advantage of the ever present blue-line glitch in the NHL series, they are out there and all of us have to accept it.

I’ve recently developed a strong addiction to Battlefield 1943 and while I can’t stand the asshole in the game who is standing on the aircraft carrier in Air Superiority waiting for planes to spawn so he can blow them up with a rocket launcher I’ve come to accept his stupidity.  What I can’t stand is his/her moronic counterpart.  You all know the guy (or girl), the one who gets in a plane and has no idea how to fly it, treating it more like a flying bulldozer than a fighter jet.

News flash to players of Battlefield 1943, the blue team is yours so it behooves you to maybe not try and run them out of the sky as you pursue a kill because all you are going to do is get yourself and your teammate killed.  I myself am not the greatest pilot and still generally get more kills in a plane by running it head on into my opponent but I do know to avoid running into my own team members for both our sakes.  Oh and in the game proper when you choose the sniper class please find yourself a nice bunker or grove of tress to hang out in, you aren’t meant to be front line troops and trying to back up regular infantry with your bolt action rifle generally just means you and your squad mates are going to die.  Really its OK to camp if you want to be a sniper.


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