New Video From Creed: Overcome

It is not a popular thing to say but I like Creed. During the height of their popularity (six-seven years ago) the band had me in the palm of their hand. I loved the fact that their music had a spiritual twinge to it and at the time was exactly what I needed out of the music I listened to.

I loved the fact that Stapp embraced being a rock star and played the role perfectly, complete with leather pants, corny poses and and an attitude to boot. A lot of people claimed he was a giant asshat with an ego the size of Texas. I never really minded being as my number one musical hero is generally regarded as the biggest asshat in the music industry.

I loved Mark Tremonti’s style of guitar playing. He was a hard ass on stage, standing with one foot propped up and going about his business like it was a business. It didn’t hurt that Tremonti is one hell of a guitar player as well.

And then they broke up. Tremonti went on to form (along with Creed bassist Brian Marshall and drummer Scott Phillips) Alter Bridsge and Scott Stapp went onto do solo work (that sounded a lot like Creed). The basic understanding was that Termonti and Stapp couldn’t get along anymore and Creed was no more. Still I held out hope and earlier this year Creed reformed with the original line-up, announced a new album and a summer tour. The album has been delayed until the end of October but the band began playing a new track, “Overcome”, at the summer concerts and now Wind-Up has released a video for the song, exclusively on Yahoo! Music.

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Personally it wasn’t what I was expecting but I like it. It is a departure from their earlier, more dramatic, videos and shows the band in their natural setting, on tour. Having seen the band when they came to Camden, NJ back in August I can say the band looks like they are having a good time performing on stage with each other and it really comes through well in the video. Anyway I can’t wait for the entire album, “Full Circle”, to come out at the end of October.


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