Different Sides to Different Coins

Yesterday, while perusing my usual internet sources for news on music, movies and games I came across a pair of stories that I eventually worked up and posted on Hooked Gamers. Hint, you could help me out by clicking the links herein and giving me a thumbs up but anyways….

The first of those stories was that Visceral Games, developer of the upcoming Dante’s Inferno, is supposedly working on a game based on Jack the Ripper. Very little information is available at this point but everything so far points towards the game putting players in control of The Ripper himself.

Now I’m not sure how much you all know about Jack the Ripper, but I am assuming you understand that he was a serial killer who carved up prostitutes and was never caught. It wouldn’t be the first time where gamers were in control of a criminal who commits murder, after all anyone who has ever played a Grand Theft Auto game can attest to that. However it seems like Visceral Games will be making The Ripper into a hero type character who will slay demonic prostitutes. On one hand I am entirely intrigued by the concept on another I can’t help but feel that portraying The Ripper as a hero sets a bad precedent. What’s next a game where Jeffery Dahmer is glorified? I suppose I will have to just wait it out and see how it turns out.

The second of those stories was about a potential U2: Rock Band. It seems that after seeing the success of The Beatles: Rock Band that Bono and company want a piece of that pie but I have to question if anyone cares.

While not my favorite band in the world, I do enjoy U2 as do a great many people. An argument could be made that they are currently the biggest band in the world so I am sure that both Harmonix and Activision would love to bring them into the fold but at this point in time even I am getting a little burned out on the rhythm games (and I have three more to review before the end of the year). The Beatles: Rock Band is selling well but it is not exactly setting any records so I don’t see the upside to a U2: Rock Band outside of finally getting to do rock poses to “I Still Haven’t Found What I Am Looking For” while standing in front of my television. Oh wait, I don’t need a game to do that….


On an unrelated note, my apathy for my Wii grows. First JustSomeDude899 reminded me that there is a remake of Silent Hill coming out later this year, which I conveniently forgot. Then GameFly decided to mail out The Conduit to me today (I am not sure why it got sent being as it was game 15 out of 22 on the queue) and I was quite annoyed that I even have to turn on the little white box.


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