The Size of Fun

Today while at work I cracked into my not-so-secret stash of candy at my desk, pulling out a Butterfinger. The Butterfinger said it was Fun Size. I’m not sure who thought a bite sized portion is the size that equates to fun but whoever thought that crap up is an idiot.

However this got me to thinking about games and what exactly is the fun size for games. It is a topic that has consistently haunted me over the last few years. 10 years ago, before I was married and had a job that required me to put in slightly more effort than actually being present, I would play games that lasted 40 or more hours. In fact if a game did not require a certain time investment my opinion of such game was tilted towards the negative light. Some of that could be attributed to money issues, 10 years ago I was more apt to spend my money on hitting the bars (or clubs) five nights a week mixed in with a weekly visit to the local all nude establishment in Northeast Philadelphia, so money for games was at a relative standstill.

Today my financial and social situations are vastly different. I make more money, although I have more bills to pay, but I also rarely venture to the bar anymore and visits to Daydreams (the aptly named adult establishment I once frequented) are all but non existent. It is not because my wife frowns on such endeavors, although I am sure she does, but I have no need for them anymore. I would rather sit at home on my couch and drink from my fine collection of vodka than pay someone to mix my drink for me while charging me excessively. That said my tastes in gaming have changed. 40 hour games are all but non existent for me anymore and I now lean more towards games that take 10 hours or less to complete while buying games more frequently.

What is the ideal Fun Size for games though? Honestly at this point I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer. I suppose it is just what feels right and a gamer will know when a game has worn out its welcome. It may be eight or 80 hours into it, no one know and no one is going to have the same exact answer.

What I do know is that no one actually thinks that the Fun Size Butterfinger is actually any fun.


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