The Perfectly Sane Show – Episode 6

Not that anybody missed us but well we are like a bad penny that always turns up eventually.

The new episode is live over at Vagary TV.

In this episode we attempt to talk about Modern Warfare 2 and Andy wants to create a game where you kill Santa Claus while Jon single-handedly sets back race relations by 150 years. I honestly can’t believe I hang out with these dudes, let alone record an irregular show every once in a while.

This show is like a shart don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Music in this episode:

Spoilin’ For A Fight – AC/DC

Fire Your Guns – AC/DC

Gone Shootin’ – AC/DC

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If you are wondering why the show cuts out abruptly during the first segment it is because I messed up something with the recorder and the recording went FUBAR which is why a couple points of the show make no sense. Oh who the hell am I fooling, nothing about this show makes sense.


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