Scientific Fact. Because I Said So…

Once again, the age old discussion has come up about inverted controls over on a blog at IGN (ConceptWhat’s Blog). For those that do not know what inverted controls are it is when, while playing a game, you use down to look up and up to look down. Basically it makes your user controlled character control like a Boeing 747, which is fine if you are controlling a Boeing 747 in something like Microsoft’s Flight Simulator, or maybe a TIE Fighter in the classic PC space combat sim, TIE Fighter. It is however incorrect to use this control scheme whilst attempting to shoot Nazi’s (or your villain of choice) in the face with a projectile weapon.

If I want to aim at something that is above me, I do not point down. It makes perfectly logical sense that if I was going to aim at something on my screen, be it on the PC or a console, that I would point at the target and not away from it. Yet still we have boneheads making absurd statements that inverted controls are the “right” way to play a game.

According to Princeton University Wordnet definition of invert it means: reverse (turn inside out or upside down)

When you drive in reverse you are driving backwards, this is fine if the action you are performing requires this (ie. reversing out of a spot) however if you were to attempt to drive in reverse down the highway a police officer would more than likely pull you over a give you a citation for being a moron. Thus I conclude that using inverted controls for an extended period of time (read as any time where you are not flying a plane or space ship) makes you a moron. Its scientific fact, because I said so.


4 thoughts on “Scientific Fact. Because I Said So…

  1. I may be a moron but you sir are a n00b. When I’m holding a gun for example, I’m putting pressure on the back part of my gun to make my gun look up. The same is with controls. That, my friend, is fact.

  2. Foz, when aiming with a pistol or a rifle (I’ve never used a rocket launcher so I can’t attest to that) you use your non-dominant hand to steady and aim. For instance to aim up you would not push down on your gun but rather on the underside of the gun press up, not down. You may apply pressure to the back of your gun be it with the palm of your dominant hand or shoulder but your non-dominant hand is what aims and anyway it matters not where the pressure is applied unless you are aiming a plane.

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