Today marks the start to my year-long countdown of my 365 favorite albums, films and games.

Game – Seaman (Dreamcast) – I’m not going to lie, Seaman is not a good game and was terribly boring when played properly. I actually hated this game and you are probably thinking that I had to be scraping the bottom of the barrel with this choice. However my friends and I had a ton of fun screwing around with the voice recognition software and torturing the little fish-man in my television set, for that reason alone Seaman deserves a slot on my list.

Oh and you could kill the little fish-man, which I must say brought me quite a bit of pleasure.

Film – Oldboy – For as many films as I watch, I generally do not watch a lot of Asian cinema (or International cinema for that matter). Old Boy was a film that was recommended to me and Baby Jesus, this film is messed up. It is disturbing on so many levels and is one of the most twisted narratives I have ever watched. I would recommend this film to everyone but it is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, its brutal, disgusting and flat out wrong on so many levels but I was genuinely entertained throughout. If you are looking for a complete mind-trip give Old Boy a go.

Album – Ashton Blue’s Four Years Running –
This one is a little bit of a cop out for me because it is an album that my friend Anthony released but I do honestly listen to it on a semi-regular basis and I do actually think it has some solid pop-rock music on it. Anthony is at his best when he works from the keyboard but he is also a competent guitar player and a decent songwriter and I do enjoy a few of the tracks quite a bit.

Favorite Tracks: Bitter, New Found You


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