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Game – Ducks Ahoy! (Commodore 64) – Ducks Ahoy! was one of the first titles I received when my parents bought our first computer, the Commodore 64. Players controlled a gondola and had to make your way around a map to rescue the ducks from a variety of different buildings as the water level got higher and higher threatening to drown them. As a kid I have great memories of playing this game but looking back on the game it was pretty damn stupid, I mean seriously why was I trying to save a bird that swims on top of water and can fly? Was I in some alternate duck dimension, like in Howard the Duck, where ducks couldn’t swim? And what was with the exclamation point? Were they attempting to call out to the ducks with the title?

In any case, I remember it fondly and when compiling this list it was one of the first titles that popped into my head.

Film – Striking Distance (1993) – As a kid I loved the big, brawny 80s action films that are a staple of that time period. Films like Predator, Rambo, Lethal Weapon, Bloodsport and Die Hard (all of which will make appearances on this list later on) were for me like chocolate was for a fat kid. Striking Distance, starring Bruce Willis, was a film that fit in this formula. Honestly they could have called this Die Hard on a Boat and I would have been sold as it stands it is better that they did not call it that because it probably would have sullied the Die Hard name more than Die Hard with a Vengeance did in my eyes (yes I did not like that film, it sucks and there is nothing you can say to convince me otherwise) but as far as a cop thriller starring Bruce Willis not named Die Hard goes, its actually quite the guilty pleasure.

Oh and Sarah Jessica Parker is in it not looking particularly ugly.

Album – Better than Ezra’s Closer – I like Better than Ezra but never enough to buy more than their Greatest Hits album and this one, which holds my favorite BtE song. It’s a solid pop / alternative rock album with more than a few catchy songs that would have helped propel BtE back into the public eye had the album been released on a major label, instead the album was left out of print for over half a decade because the indie label Beyond Records went bottom up and the rights to “Closer” were in limbo for a long time. Its a shame because as I sit here listening to the album once again while writing this I realize that it is a true gem that a lot of fans of this type of music probably missed out on.

Favorite Tracks: Misunderstood, A Lifetime, Extra Ordinary


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