Next up at the bottom of my list of favorites:

Game – Double Dribble (NES) – I am by no means a basketball fan but growing up I had some friends of mine that really were big into the sport and Double Dribble was one of the first titles that those friends really got hooked on. The game like many early sports games was filled with scoring glitches and not caring enough to discover them for myself I was the unfortunate recipient of more than one Double Dribble ass kicking. My friends learned quickly that you should let the Wookie win though as when I lost I would get angry which normally meant someone, within cord length, would normally get hit with a NES controller.

Film – Casino (1995)– Yes, Casino is a very good movie and I am sure that there are a good many movies that will appear on this list that would rank far lower than Casino on your lists but, this is not your list is it?

I appreciate almost everything about Casino, the direction, the camera work, the soundtrack and the wonderful performances but I just am not much of a fan of the Mob movie genre. What keeps this film on my list though is the performances. DeNiro, Pesci and Sharon Stone all deliver top tier performances that show why all three were (and in some cases still) held in such high regard as actors and actresses.

Album – Puddle of Mudd’s Come Clean – I am not a fan of Fred Durst, I think he has a big head and while some of his material with Limp Bizkit is amusing to me I pretty much think the guy has the talent of a sea slug, so his involvement with Puddle of Mudd kept me from getting excited about the band which had been receiving some buzz before the release of their major label debut. However as fate would have it, a friend of mine from my job at the time (an assistant department manager at a major sporting goods chain) told me about this great band she saw while on vacation in Florida. She was swearing up and down this band was going to break big and that I would like it handing me a pre-release copy of “Come Clean” (by a few months). She was right, I enjoyed it (although I did not love it) and they did break big.

I can’t say the band’s subsequent releases were as good although each have had a track or two worth listening too but at this point in time I have kind of lost interest in the band (I didn’t even realize that they had released their fourth album just a few weeks ago). That said “Come Clean” still plays just as well today as it did nearly a decade ago.

Favorite Tracks: Blurry, Control, She Hates Me, Drift & Die


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