Have you ever had one of those days where you don’t feel like doing anything? Yeah today was one of those.

Anyway only 360 more days until 2011.

Game – Virtua Fighter (Saturn) – Fighting games and I do not get along and while I do have a number on this list it is mostly because I enjoy playing them, I’m just not good at them. Virtua Fighter is no exception to this rule, in fact if anything it is the worst offender as VF is such a technical arcade fighter that to actually have a chance at succeeding at the game you need to know the combo system. For one I did not own a Saturn and two I am not the type of gamer to memorize button presses because I just don’t have the time (or patience) that said when my friend got his Saturn he got two games, one was Virtua Fighter and the other was some helicopter game which I never played, and he had learned all the moves (still knows them to tell you the truth) and would thrash me. I ended up getting so frustrated with him that I “accidentally” broke his controller and thus #361.

Movie – Independence Day – Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum kicking alien ass in a Roland Emmerich destructo-thon. What’s not to like? “Welcome to Earth!”

Album – Jeff Scott Soto’s Lost in Translation – Soto is a Steve Perry sound-a-like but he tends to surround himself with bigger, louder guitars. Lost in Translation is notable because the opening track features guitar work by Journey guitarist Neal Schon. It’s also just a really solid rock album.

Favorite Tracks: Believe in Me and Find Our Way

Today was weak I know…..


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