362 bottles of beer on the wall….

Game – Wario Ware: Smooth Moves (Wii) – Wario Ware: Smooth Moves received generally high scores, had the weird moniker of micro-game collection with a recognizable (if somewhat detestable) Mario series character, and seemed like a prime game to try out the Wii controls on during the early days of my owning a Wii. Unfortunately the game could be finished in roughly two hours and while it was fun playing with friends and getting them to pick their virtual nose this game earns its spot as being one of the only games that my friend Jon dropped the controller in disgust and refused to continue playing, which I still laugh about to this day. I also chalk this game up to the primary reason my friend Jon hates the Wii (other than he also has a weird loyalty to Sega).

Film – Harvey (1950) – What is funny about this film is that I probably never even would have watched it if my 10th grade Spirituality teacher (Private Catholic School) hadn’t decided he was going to show us this film instead of actually teaching one day. The film, which stars Jimmy Stewart as the eccentric Elwood P. Dowd, is about a man (Elwood)who is friends with an invisible, giant six foot, talking rabbit and his family’s attempts to lock him up for being crazy. The film is quite funny (and a major reason it is on this list), although more as a bucket of chuckles as opposed to laugh out loud funny.

Album – Bob Dylan’s Desire – It is nothing personal but I do not like Bob Dylan. I think the guy is an amazing songwriter but the man cannot sing worth a damn however with that said one of my favorite songs (although I wouldn’t put a number value on it) is the song “Hurricane”, which happens to be on this particular album. “Hurricane” is about the incidents surrounding the arrest and conviction of Rubin “Hurricane” Carter and while I am not certain of the events (Carter is a free man but was never cleared of the charges against him, instead the state of New Jersey chose to not pursue a third trial 22 years after the second conviction was overturned), I do think that the story Dylan weaves in the song is a transfixing one. While I can live without the rest of the album, “Hurricane” alone gives it a spot here.

Favorite Song:


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