It’s the Day of the XBOX…. Ok, not really.

Game – WWF Attitude (PSOne) – I grew up on professional wrestling, mostly the NWA (which morphed into WCW and eventually folded) but during the mid-90s when I was having one of my pro-wrestling resurgences, I got heavy into the WWF and their Attitude Era. One of the games to come out of that era was WWF Attitude from Acclaim. My memory is telling me the game wasn’t very good but it seems it scored fairly well with critics and my friends and I would have tournaments with the game which I do remember be a ton of fun. One of the best memories I have with the game was playing in a tournament where a friend of ours who hadn’t upgraded systems since the NES days picked up the controller and proceeded to kick all of our asses with X-Pac and the punch button. The more I think about it the more I think that game was fundamentally broken.

Movie – Kiss The Girls –
I love a good psychological thriller and “Kiss the Girls” based on the James Patterson book of the same name is a very good one that comes armed with one of my favorite actors, Morgan Freeman, to sweeten the pot the film also stars the esteemed Cary Elwes (The Princess Bride). The acting from all the primaries, is as expected, quite good and the story is quite thrilling, fulfilling it role but if there is a problem with the film it is that it roles on a little too long at points which detracts from what should be a tight thrilling story.

Album – Pink Floyd’s The Wall –
For the most part I do not understand Pink Floyd. There is just something about them that goes against my tastes and I can’t get into them. That said I do really enjoy a couple select tracks from them and two of them come from this double album, The Wall, which earns it this here slot on the list.

Favorite Tracks:
Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 and Comfortably Numb


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