Game – Resident Evil: Zero (GCN) – I am a longtime Resident Evil fan and the only way to play RE0 was to play it on the GameCube, which along with RE4 and a few other titles was the main reason I picked up a GameCube. To be honest I did not like the controls of either RE4 or RE0 and I ended up quiting on both at some point. When it became evident that the game was not going to be ported to the PS2 for me to play with proper controls I decided to play through it because I wanted to see how the story played out. And surprisingly enough, it played out pretty well.

Film – Necessary Roughness – I enjoy football and I enjoy comedies this one was a nice combo of the two, not the best football movie I had ever seen but it has its fair share of laugh out loud moments. Oh and Kathy Ireland was the kicker, which was just hot.

Album – Avenue Q Soundtrack –
I am generally not a music based on Broadway musicals but this one is quite funny and well worth multiple listens over time.

Favorite Tracks:
Everyone’s A Little Bit Racists and The Internet is for Porn.


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