Descriptive reasoning… yay!

Game – The Bouncer (PS2) – When a new systems a lot of people get blinded by the flashy graphics that they let slide the sub-par gameplay that accompanies a great many of these launch (or near launch) titles. For me The Bouncer was one of these titles. The Bouncer released a few months after the launch of the PS2 and I was still in the early stages of my relationship with the system. I was playing anything and everything I could get my hands on and one of my favorite developers from the PSOne era was Squaresoft. I knew full well that The Bouncer was not an RPG but it promised to bring next gen graphics, a kick ass story and some intense action gameplay to the system. Sadly it only delivered on the first piece as the game looked beautiful but after that it was a generic, poorly controlling beat-em up that could be finished in roughly two – three hours. Despite all that I played the hell out of The Bouncer, getting my $50 worth as well as about 10 other people’s.

Film – Akira – There’s not much to say here. While I am an animation nut, I am not so much an anime nut. I appreciate a good deal of anime but I never have really been hooked into the genre like many others were. However Akira is a mind-bending thrill ride that hit a lot of my sweet spots. It’s not my favorite anime movie (that one will come much later in the countdown) but it does earn the distinction of being one of the only other anime films that I really enjoyed (even if I never understood the entire thing).

Album – Barenaked Ladies’ Maybe You Should Drive – The Barenaked Ladies are one of my favorite bands and Maybe You Should Drive is an excellent example of BNL doing what BNL does quite well, geek rock. That said Maybe You Should Drive is also the lowest of the charting BNL albums on this countdown. It’s a fine album but nowhere near their best.

Favorite Tracks: A and Life, In a Nutshell


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