Game – Alpha Centauri (PC) – Do you know what a 4X game is? Basically it is a really deep and in some cases, like Alpha Centauri, very complicated. Exploration, Expansion, Exploitation and Extermination are the keys to this type of game and Alpha Centauri does it so, so well. I sunk so much time into this game and I still feel as if I never really scratched the surface, that said the reason it is not higher up on this list is because it is so damn complicated that I feel as if I never really scratched the surface.

Film – If Looks Could Kill – I’m a sucker for spy movies. Bond, Mission: Impossible, the Bourne films all get me going and during the late 80s and early 90s there were a ton of these types of films but If Looks Could Kill was one of the best. Richard Grieco, riding high from being a co-star on 21 Jump Street, plays a high school student whom while taking a class trip to Paris with his French class gets mistaken as a super spy and ends up having to save the world. The premise is ridiculous but Grieco sells it wonderfully and while it does fall apart over the last third it is still a super fun film to watch every now and then.

Album – Vince Gill’s I Still Believe in You – My parents brought me up on country music and while I am not the biggest fan of the genre, some of it will slip onto some of this list. I Still Believe in You was one of the first country albums I bought mostly off of the video for the infectious single “One More Last Chance”, however there is a reason that “I Still Believe in You” won the 1993 Country Music Association’s Album of the Year, its because from top to bottom the album is filled with some great country songs including four #1s.

Favorite Tracks: Don’t Let Our Love Start Slippin’ Away and One More Last Chance


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