Quite possibly the Jar-Jar Binks of my countdown….

Game – Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (PSOne) – Everyone has those bad games that they had a lot of fun with. Episode I is one of those games for me, mostly because I was high off of the fact that their was a new Star Wars movie, which meant new toys, books and games for me to play with. In retrospect it was not very good, the camera was broken, the hit detection sucked and it played like an a screwy version of the film. Really did Panaka and Amidala really have that much crap go down while Anakin was getting grilled by the Council? In anycase I remember having a lot of fun with the game at the time but I would not waste time on it now.

Film – Twins – There are times when I fully think that Ivan Reitman is a genius and then I remember that the man also brought us Ghostbusters II and Junior at which point I return to reality. In anycase, Twins is great. Arnold shows off surprising range, which he would go on to do better in other films, and DeVito is at his squirly best. Its weird to think that if Arnold and DeVito had not done this film that it would have been Hulk Hogan and Christopher Lloyd instead. I kind of want to see the train wreck that it would have been if that had been the case.

Album – Spacehog’s Resident Alien – This album gets its spot because of one song, In the Meantime. 15 years on I still love that track. The rest of the album doesn’t hold up quite so well but that is what the skip button is for.

Favorite Tracks: In the Meantime


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