Game – Cold Fear (PS2) – Resident Evil on a boat. Kind of. Cold Fear isn’t as good as the Resident Evil series but as far as RE clones go, Cold Fear is a blast. It has a B-movie horror feel, with some good scares, that in my opinion worked better than the last two RE games but it is hampered by some weird control issues that make it feel like the clone it is instead of a true contender.

Film – Iron Eagle – As a kid I loved films where kids like me did extraordinary things, like fly a plane into an unnamed Middle Eastern country to rescue their dad. Its awesome in its absurdity. I mean really, is security on an Air Force base that piss poor? The flight scenes were not anywhere near as good as what was in Top Gun, which was released in the same year, but they work wells enough to keep things moving along at a nice clip. The film also features an awesome 80s soundtrack which helps to add to the movie’s repeat appeal.

Album – Silverchair’s Tomorrow – Mid 90s grunge / power-rock band were a dime a dozen and Silverchair was able to break away from the pack a bit with the hard rocking hit “Tomorrow”. The rest of the album plays much like that song and as a fan of that era and type of music I feel “Frogstomp” holds up quite well.

Favorite Tracks: Tomorrow, Israel’s Son and Shade


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