Game – SOCOM: US Navy Seals (PS2) – There was a time when playing an online game on a console was near unheard of. SOCOM did it and did it moderately well. Granted for me to play it I needed to buy some funk contraption to plug into the back of my PS2 and games were often times lag fests but it was a reality and I loved it. I blame SOCOM with my near absolute desertion of PC multiplayer gaming as I am at peace sitting on my couch, in front of my television with a controller in my hand, something that I never felt when playing on the PC.

Film – Ronin – Do you like car chases? I mean real car chases. Ronin has them, including one of my favorite car chases ever put to film. The film, which stars Robert DeNiro and Jean Reno, is quite the thrill ride, although honestly I did not really know what was ever going on from one minute to the next. But man, those car chases rock.

Album – Don McLean’s American Pie –
Another album that earns its place because of one song. The song from this album needs no introduction though as it is often regarded as one of the best classic rock songs written.

Favorite Tracks: American Pie


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