Game – Pit-Fighter (SEGA Genesis) – As I have said many times before, I am not a fighting game fan but sometimes these games just fall into my lap due to association with people who do like fighting games. That is the case of Pit Fighter, my friend got it on the SEGA Genesis and he became pretty obsessed with it, as we were all apt to do during that time because games were rather expensive. Every time I would go over there he would want to do one of three things, watch “Bloodsport”, play Pit-Fighter or a actually try to act the actions of the previous two out. Suffice it to say I preferred the movie and game to actually getting my ass kicked.

Film – Revenge of the Nerds – As a kid I probably did not get even half of the jokes that were being made in the film but it hit a chord with me, probably because at the time I saw it first (on television one Sunday afternoon) I was generally associated by most folks as being a nerd. And damn were these nerds pretty cool. While I am generally not against remakes I was quite happy when the remake for this film was canceled as I don’t think that the message it gives off is still relevant for most of todays audience, it truly was an 80s take on society at the time.

Album – Candlebox’s Candlebox –
Much like my yesterday’s choice, Candlebox is a mid 90s grunge rock band, except unlike Silverchair which modeled themselves after bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam, Candlebox is obviously influenced by Soundgarden and personally I think they do better for themselves because of it. “Candlebox” may not be significantly original but it does rock hard, still plays well and grants a look into the music trends circa 1993.

Favorite Tracks: You, Far Behind, Blossom and Cover Me


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