Game – Micro Machines (NES) – I love the simplicity of racing games and quite a few are going to permeate this list. One of the more unique racing games I remember playing was when Micro Machines were hot. Basically you would drive your mini toy car around a set track that was set up to look like something a kid would design around the house. One of my favorite tracks was the bathtub one where you controlled a Micro Machine boat through soapy waters. Awesome times that game was.

Film – Summer School – Do you watch that show NCIS? No? Me either but evidently the guy who stars in that show was the star of choice #351, Summer School. I was all set to write that the film also starred a young Heather Locklear but that would be incorrect as I was getting her mixed up with her Melrose Place co-star Courtney Thorne-Smith. In anycase the film is about a gym teacher who gets roped into teaching remedial English for the summer to a group of misfit kids and the mis-adventures that occur between them. I wonder why when I had to go to summer school (for French) it was not this much fun?

Album – Incubus’ Make Yourself –
Incubus is not exactly a the top of my list of favorite bands. I never really got what the draw of them was but I will say that Make Yourself is quite the solid post-grunge rock album and I really like the songs “Drive” and “Pardon Me”.

Favorite Tracks: Drive and Pardon Me


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