Film Review: Daybreakers

Vampires are cool. I don’t care if you think they are over exposed and cliché because of the emergence of the “Twilight” series, those dudes aren’t even vampires. Vampires that shimmer in the sunlight? Pshhhh…. gimme a break vampires spontaneously combust when in the sun. “Real” vampires bite peoples necks and drink a whole lot of blood, whereas “Twilight” screws with the emotions of teenage girls, “Daybreakers” is a real vampire movie and it is intent on delivering a mature and visceral experience.

“Daybreakers” holds an interesting premise, after a bat bites someone a plague of vampirism spreads like wildfire overtaking the majority of the population. The entire world is shifted to the creatures of the night with a small band of humans fighting against the new established culture, which hunts them for their blood farms. Of course problems arise when the majority of your population is filled with blood sucking fiends and a worldwide blood shortage has taken hold, with people (vampires) all over the world starving from a lack of blood.

Ethan Hawke plays Edward Dalton, a hematologist working for the world’s biggest blood manufacturer, run by the diabolical Charles Bromley (Sam Neill) trying to come up with a blood substitute but while driving home one night he is involved in an accident with some humans and instead of turning them over to the authorities lets them go. This action leads eventually to Dalton becoming a member of the human resistance, lead by Audrey Bennett (Claudia Karvan) and the eccentric Elvis (Willem Dafoe) as they try to find a cure for the vampirism.

“Daybreakers” succeeds at delivering a mature and visceral vampire story but just because it delivers something more worthy of being called a vampire film than the likes of “Twilight” or “New Moon” does not necessarily mean that it is a good film. The first two thirds of the film play out fine albeit with a few quirks but the film completely falls apart during the final act. Instead of continuing along with the mature storyline the film goes haywire. Characters who have made smart decisions all film long start making dumb ones while other characters completely betray the motives and ideals that have been set up for them throughout. It is almost like the directors (The Spierig Brothers) decided that because it is a horror film it needs an excessive amount of blood and gore for little apparent reason.

The final fifteen minutes of the film play out like a gore hound’s wet dream with blood splattering everywhere but it holds little purpose other than it looks cool. For me this drastic change in tone killed my enthusiasm for the film, it just did not feel right and as such I can not in good conscience recommend this film.

“Living in a world where vampires are the dominate species is about as safe as bare backing a 5 dollar whore.”

2 out of 5.


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