Game – Soccer (Atari 2600) – This may very well have been the first game I ever owned. I can’t verify that claim but I can verify that I played hours upon hours passing and shooting a square ball diagonally on my television screen. Oddly enough real soccer was not played like that.

Film – Children of Men – It is a mature science fiction film, something that just doesn’t hit often enough. So much about Children of Men is so damn good. The acting is top notch, the setting is realistic and mature, and the visual style is damn near perfect.

Album – Mirror’s Edge Soundtrack – Game soundtracks are something that I generally do not get behind. I do have a few of them, mostly bearing the Final Fantasy name but the Mirror’s Edge soundtrack was one of the best aspects of that game (which will appear on the list later) and it was something I felt I needed to support.

Favorite Tracks: Introduction and Still Alive (Instrumental)


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