Game – Unreal Tournament 2004 (PS2) – Yes the PC version is better. Much better but the reason this game makes the list at all (regardless of versions) is because I rolled my car on a highway and had a head injury. Under doctor’s orders I had to stay awake and in an effort to do that a couple of my friends came over to my parents house, moved my television and PS2 down from my bedroom to my parents living room and set up a marathon run of it so as to make sure I did not end up in a coma or something… Anyway it was great fun and that announcer still rocks to this day.

Film – Fright Night –
80s horror that knew it was not a serious film. Excellent stuff.

Album – Yngwie Malmsteen’s Facing the Animal – Hyper shredding to the nth degree.

Favorite Tracks: Like An Angel


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