Game – Wii Fit(Wii) – While it is hardly a game in the proper sense, it was something I was able to get my wife do “game” with me. My personal interest did not last too long but it is still something I can go back to at any time.

Film – High Fidelity – I am a John Cusack fan. There is rarely a film with him in it that I absolutely hate. High Fidelity is such a solid film and it deals with some awesome issues that permeate through popular music. It is even one of the few films where I don’t find Jack Black completely annoying.

Album – The Lion King Soundtrack – The film will appear later on this year as one of my favorites but today the spotlight belongs on the Soundtrack which is awesome in its own right, featuring some music that is great even outside of the film.

Favorite Tracks: Circle of Life, Hakuna Matata, I Just Can’t Wait To Be King


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