I’ze Can HaZ Achievements on My iPhone?

Depending upon who you ask achievements are either the greatest or worst things ever created for gaming. I tend to not fall on either side of the fence although if I had to make a choice I would certainly be pro-achievements. Today Apple announced the 4th Operating System for the iPhone and one of the bullet points that Steve Jobs touched on today was the new Social Gaming network for the iPhone and iPad. For me this is bigger news than the fake multitasking that Apple is also implementing when OS4 hits later this year and is something I have been begging of Sony for the PSP since trophy implementation hit.

Not much was revealed about the gaming network aside from the fact that there was a achievement type system in it but I am hoping that developers will be able to code in updates to their games for achievement support (Another play through of Peggle? Of course). If Apple does this right I may never go back to my DSi or PSP.

Speaking of the DSi, my copy of Pokemon HeartGold arrived today and I’ve punched in over four hours so far, which has kept me (thankfully) away from Peggle and from just about everything else I wanted to do today. For those that are interested in the adventures of a Pokemon virgin be sure to check back tomorrow for the first installment of The Adventures of Skank Ho and her Pokemon Pansy the Blue Crocodile creature. Oh and how the hell do you get the Pokewalker to work?

Despite my new addiction, I did manage to edit and publish a pair of podcasts Episode 15 is The Death of Print panel from PAX East. Even though I tried to clean up the audio it is pretty bad so you may just want to skip to Episode 16 where we tell you what is on Page 63 in what is the worst episode ever and quite possibly my favorite.


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