Oh My….

Look I’m not going to lie. I like Creed. I enjoy Stapp’s voice and his heavy handed lyrics. I even enjoyed his solo album, The Great Divide, after Creed broke up as it was basically sub par Creed. One of the songs on Stapp’s solo album was “You Will Soar”, a song with some rather uplifting lyrics that I liked quite a bit. Today however Stapp has proven to me what many have been saying for years, that he has fallen of his rocker and hit his head quite hard.

I had heard that Stapp was working with the Florida Marlins to create a song of some sort for the team to use. I thought he was going to be doing something (don’t laugh now) original. Boy was I wrong. He took his song “You Will Soar” and modified it to include lyrics about baseball. I’m being serious. Check out the monstrosity below.

Hey Scott can you come to Philly and rewrite “Justify” as an excuse song for the Flyers not making the playoffs?


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