Film Review: The Crazies

George Romero. His name is held amongst the masters by nearly every fan of horror and deservedly so because the man is the father of the modern zombie. However despite his contributions to the genre, there is little denying that his film-making skills leave a lot to be desired and thus some of his work […]

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Film Review: Salt

Angelina Jolie is generally considered one of, if not the only, female star who can carry an action film in the lead role. She is smart, sexy and almost always bankable, so I was quite surprised to come to the realization that despite her constant presence in the press she has not been in a […]

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XBOX 360 Review: Limbo

Limbo, when viewed on the surface, seems like a very simplistic game. After all it is a platformer that is displayed in black and white, contains just three actions the protagonist can perform at the behest of the player and contains virtually no narrative. But if one were to only view Limbo on the surface […]

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Wii Review – Super Mario Galaxy 2

Super Mario Galaxy was one of the most critically acclaimed titles to grace the Wii console, it was accepted by the fans having sold over eight million copies worldwide, and has won many awards and accolades since its release, including being called the Nintendo Game of the Decade by Nintendo Power. Following up such a […]

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