Five Reasons to Vote For Death

The new charity event deciding the fate of Clayton Carmine being run by Epic Games has the look and feel of an event from the dark past of DC Comics. In 1988 the home of Batman put to the fate of the current boy wonder, Jason Todd, in the hands of their readers by holding a telephone poll to determine if Todd would die at the hands of the Joker or not and as anybody who has read comics knows, Todd was killed off. History often repeats itself and I fully expect Clayton to join his brothers Benjamin and Anthony as fertilizer but if you had it in your mind that maybe you should vote to save Clayton I have some points you might want to take into consideration before you get yourself filled with false heroic pride for saving an tertiary character in a video game.

Point One. The Carmines are the public service announcements of the Gears universe. With so much of the infrastructure having been destroyed between the hammer blasts that left Jacinto as the only major human settlement left on the Sera to destruction of that settlement, things need to be spelled out through action in this world, it is the only way to learn. Everyone has a purpose and Benjamin and Anthony served theirs. Clayton needs to reiterate why Gears should not wear helmets. If he lives it undermines the lessons taught by Benjamin and Anthony and taints their legacy.

Point Two.
The Carmines are tertiary characters. They are throw away characters that have a purpose and live only to serve it. Like Ensign Ricky in Star Trek, the Carmines fate is to die in some horrible fashion. They don’t have a purpose other than that. They will never actually belong in Delta and just get in the way. Without death their lives are meaningless. If Carmine lives through the events of Gears of War he will be lost, most likely become a Stranded and survive by eating malnourished cats. Ask yourself, would you rather go out serving your purpose in life or die a lesion riddled middle aged man who has survived on cats that eat poop?

Point Three. Gears is Marcus and Dom’s story and by relation Cole, Baird, Hoffman and Anya’s. While Gears has never been a plot heavy game, there are a lot of answers that need to be revealed. Throwing Clayton out there as some sort of Saving Private Ryan character is wrong in two manners. For starters such a premise would require everyone giving the writers of Gears more credit than they deserve. Secondly what are we saving Clayton from? His family is dead. Marcus has the love of the only woman left in the Gears universe worth pro-creating with and so Clayton has nothing to live for anyway. If he doesn’t die in Gears 3, he may very well just off himself anyway and why go to the trouble of “saving” him if he is only going to turn around and rain on your parade anyway. Save yourself the trouble and help him on his way.

Point Four. The Carmine brothers are an emotional lightning rod. Their deaths help to give Marcus purpose. Marcus needs the Carmine’s to die because it is the fuel that pushes him onwards. He takes their deaths, tosses them onto his back (running like a slouch because of it) and trundles on towards the inevitable defeat of all that is wrong with Sera. But why the Carmine’s you ask? Why do these boys deserve to suffer after suffering so much already? Benjamin Carmine was a professional bowler before taking up the helmet and becoming a martyr. Anthony Carmine was a flamenco dancer before taking up the helmet and fulfilling his destiny. Clayton Carmine once dreamed of breeding chocobos but that will never come to pass because Sera can no longer support chocobos. No matter how much Clayton dreams of breeding the golden chocobo it will never happen but if he dies as his astrological signs have foretold, maybe one day a little boy with no malice in his heart will be able to bring the chocobo population back to Sera. But without Clayton dying to give Marcus the fuel he needs, Sera will never be safe.

Point Five. Its always fun to do something evil but generally you have to live with the guilt of having done that evil thing. Epic is making it very easy for you to help Clayton to the afterlife by saying, “Go Ahead. Kill Him. You’ve already made a donation to a good cause anyway so go one have your fun.”

I don’t know Clayton Carmine. I’m sure he is a nice guy but his time on the planet of Sera has come to an end. To keep the world on its proper axis, to stop the world from spinning horribly out of control, to stop the locust and/or the lambent for taking over, Clayton Carmine needs to die. I trust you to make the right decision and vote for his death.


One thought on “Five Reasons to Vote For Death

  1. Before I even read this, I had an idea in my head why he should die. I took some time and you and I came to the same conclusion with point four. He NEEDS to die in order to fuel Marcus. Another COG dies and the last of the Carmine clan fades away. Emphasizing even more what Marcus is fighting for. Clayton is a means to an end. For Carmine, the end is near. Unless someone can counter-point these EXCELLENT arguments, you can count on my vote. Clayton must die.

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