Film Review: Centurion

The Roman Empire is a fascinating subject that has been covered countless times in film, however one aspect of the empire that has been largely ignored is the expansion into and eventual downfall of the empire’s hold in Britain. In the last decade or so more films focusing on this aspect have come into play […]

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Film Review: Piranha 3D

There was a time when all you needed for a horror film was a handful of young actresses willing to take their clothes off, buckets of fake blood and a mildly interesting premise to string it all together. For the last decade horror films have, in general, taken a more grim approach, eliminating a lot […]

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Film Review: The Expendables

With 2008’s Rambo, Sylvester Stallone, delivered something action fans had been yearning for, a high intensity macho fest filled with brutal action sequences and explosions. It also gave a glimpse of where Stallone may be headed when his days of being the king of macho are over because Rambo was very much a well directed […]

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XBOX 360 Review: Deadly Premonition

Games like film are highly subjective. There are going to be some games that people love and some games that people despise to their very cores. Deadly Premonition, a horror/thriller themed open-world/action game that draws inspiration from a variety of games, films and television shows, is one of those types of games. Deadly Premonition is […]

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Film Review: Rampage

For many film fans Uwe Boll is a name that brings to mind laughably bad film adaptations of video games. Many gamers despise the man for turning their beloved game franchises into wastes of film. Many film fans despise the man for producing putrid wastes of time. Regardless of which side of the fence one […]

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