Film Review: Rampage

For many film fans Uwe Boll is a name that brings to mind laughably bad film adaptations of video games. Many gamers despise the man for turning their beloved game franchises into wastes of film. Many film fans despise the man for producing putrid wastes of time. Regardless of which side of the fence one stands on, Boll is a name that does not spark confidence in a project. That lack of confidence has resulted in him being relegated to producing mostly straight to video projects that are based on original material. Rampage is one of these projects.

Rampage starts off by introducing us to snippets of a violent, armored gunman traversing through a town on what can only be described as a rampage. These snippets are interspersed with our introduction to the main character Bill (Brendan Fletcher). Bill is being pressured by his parents to either move out or enroll in college, he isn’t particularly likable but he seems normal enough.

But being as the film is called Rampage, it should not come as a shock to find out that Bill is anything but normal. In fact he is the gunman that we see in the opening snippets. The first half of the film sets up Bill the person, the second half of the film is the execution of Bill’s plan to go on a violent killing rampage throughout his small town.

On the surface Rampage may seem like another brainless piece of garbage brought to us by Uwe Boll but that would be unfair to the film and Boll. Rampage is a serviceable and entirely watchable film but it also has a lot more smarts to it than one would ever expect from a film written and directed by Mr. Boll. The script itself is simple which benefits the film and Boll but there is some depth, including some very thinly veiled swipes at American culture that help to add a little substance to the end product. The final twist at the end is also quite well executed and I for one was surprised by the plot swerve.

Some are going to herald Rampage a fantastic film. It is not. Its rife with stylistic choices that will make your head hurt, far too much shaky cam for its own good, and some outright terrible acting. It is however the best film Uwe Boll has ever delivered, considering his career body of work though, that is not saying much.

Ultimately Rampage is a serviceable film with a couple twists and turns that are entertaining and smart. It is not going to stay in your mind for very long and it is not going to make you think all that much. It may however soften your opinion of Uwe Boll as a director, that is until he releases Bloodrayne: The Third Reich and ruins all the goodwill he may have garnered.

3 out of 5.


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