I iz a Director Nowz

Ok so not really and do people actually talk like that? In anycase being a director is something I have always wanted to do and while I am in no position to make feature length films, or even shorts at this time I am able to mess around a bit with Bungie’s rendering service on Bungie.net and then edit them together with my video editing software and that is exactly what I did this afternoon. My first attempt is below.

I had some problems using the free floating camera and ended up using the above the shoulder cam for 99% of it and obviously it is vary amateurish but that is where anyone reading this can come in. I’m hoping to get better at it and make some interesting and cool clips using Bungie’s service. Does anyone have any tips on how to record, edit and produce video content like this? And does anyone have any expertise in video recording inside Halo (be it 3, ODST or Reach)?

I hope to use the service to record some of Tuesday Night Battlefield (The Perfectly Sane Show community night) and to record the eventual match up between The Perfectly Sane Show and TeaBag Radio in the coming weeks, so any help would be greatly appreciated.


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