Charity Event – Extra Life

I don’t normally do this (that being charity work) as it is more my wife’s thing (you know to help people and stuff) but I was asked to participate in an event next Saturday (October 16th) and it is right up my alley so I couldn’t pass it up. The event is called Extra Life and it is for the benefit of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and in my case specifically for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). As some of you know CHOP is where my youngest daughter Lea was sent when at a month old (and a hefty six pounds), her body decided she should go on a diet and blocked off her stomach almost killing her. The doctors and nurses at CHOP did a great job in not only making Lea better but making sure my wife was taken care of as well. Besides curing babies of strange diseases like on an episode of House, they also do a lot of long term care for kids with terminal illnesses and they have a helicopter too (not that that has anything to do with anything but it is cool, right?).

Anyway you are probably sitting there going, hey Chris that’s great about CHOP but what actually is the Extra Life event and what are you doing for them? Well as you know I’m not the most outdoorsy person around, I hate the sun, the heat and all things that would require for an event outside. I also hate people. Mind you, not all people, I like you (I say that now as I ask you to donate money) but in general though I don’t like people. So, as I said before this event is right up my alley. Not only is it inside but it is also at my house. Now I see you scratching your heads thinking, wow Chris has reached a new all time low and he expects us to believe that this “charity” event takes place in his house… Well it does, really. Not only that but it gets more absurd. So not only does this event take place in my house, without other people around, but it also tasks me with the awesome “responsibility” to play video games for 24 hours straight starting at 8AM on October 16th. I’m looking to find a way to live stream the event and I’ll probably have people over to “help” me out (mostly by bringing me beer, chicken wings and maybe a pot of coffee at 3AM but also by playing games with me).

In any case, if you would be interested in donating $1 or more please check out and sponsor me. My current goal is $250 but that is just a conservative goal that I put in because I knew I could personally cover it (well my wife could as I am not allowed to have money) if I failed to entice anybody to help out. So help out if you can, don’t feel bad if you can’t and look out for news on the live stream or how to bring me chicken wings




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