My Week in Movies #3

I went a little crazy with my viewing last week and watched 18 films bringing my 2011 total to 40. Even better than watching 18 movies in one week though was getting to the theater three times (The Green Hornet, Black Swan and The Way Back). 23. The Green Hornet (1/16) – I liked it, […]

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Film Review: The Green Hornet

When I originally heard that “The Green Hornet” was going to be adapted for today’s superhero crazed audiences I was somewhat skeptical but because Kevin Smith was attached to write and direct it, I had a lot of hope. That was 2004. Since then, Smith left the project and numerous writers, directors and actors have […]

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My Week in Movies #2

The continuing adventures chronicling the crap (along with some good stuff) that I watch throughout 2011. 11. Lake Placid (1/9/2011) It is no secret that I am a big fan of horror films but even so, creature features (sans Jaws) are generally not my thing. Still Lake Placid seemed like a goofy romp and so […]

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Random Grab Bag

I am not a huge anime fan. The genre intrigues me, because of my animation background, but I’ve never really be enthralled but any of it. On the other hand Devil May Cry is a series I have long held a good bit of appreciation for, and yes I even liked DMC2. When I found […]

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Film Review: Season of the Witch

The Black Plague was quite possibly the most deadly pandemic in history. For some people, Nicolas Cage is the Black Plague of acting. They feel he and his doctorate of overacting are as deadly to a film as the plague was to Europe in the 14h century. And judging by Cage’s average box office draw […]

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