11 Goals for 2011

Last year I set nine goals for myself at the beginning of the year. By 31 December 2010 I had completed five of those nine. Three of the four I did not hit because I just gave up on, like finishing Final Fantasy XII, while I tried hard to hit 300 films watched, mistakes made earlier in the year prevented that from happening. However the goals I did accomplish were massive and kind of crazy.

Seriously finishing 53 games in a year (I hit 60) and writing 52 reviews (I wrote 66). I don’t think I can outdo myself with those numbers so this year I want to mix it up a bit.

1. Read 20 books. – I hit 15 books read by the end of 2010 and I think I can hit 20 with a little more effort. (this does not include graphic novels)

2. Finish 12 RPGs – I love the RPG genre, specifically the JRPG genre. So this year I want to complete 12 of them. It will be a mix of WRPGs and JRPGs. I already have a solid list going (Final Fantasy IX, Fallout: New Vegas, Dragon Age: Origins, Final Fantasy XIII, Icewind Dale, Shadow Hearts, Xenosaga, Rouge Galaxy etc…) and while it may not be 61 finished games, these are going to take up some time.

3. Play at least 20 hours of Dungeons & Dragons Online or Lord of the Rings Online and if I like it, give World of Warcraft a try
– I’ve been interested in WoW for a while but I don’t know how I am going to like the MMORPG world, so what better way than to try it out with a pair of fairly good free ones.

4. Reach Lt. Colonel in Halo: Reach – As if I needed another reason to play more Halo.

5. Reach Level 22 in Battlefield: Bad Company 2
– I’m at level 11, with Vietnam out now, this should be doable.

6. Prestige once in Call of Duty: Black Ops – The level cap is 50 this time around, I’m at level eight. I think I can do it this time.

7. Play my backlog – I have about 30 games in my backlog and I want to play them to the point where I am done with them, that may not mean finished with them but at least done with them.

8. When I buy a game, finish it before buying a new one – While there will be certain times this won’t be totally feasible (as in a great deal comes along and I’d be stupid to pass it up), I’d mostly like to avoid situations like I had with Castlevania:LoS and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit last year.

9. Play my systems more evenly – Last year I played a lot of games on my 360 but I mostly (at least up until the last month or so of 2010) neglected my PS3. Sure some of this is because of how I choose to game but I had PS3 games I could have played but I chose not to. So this year if I finish a 360 game, the next one has to be on the PC or PS3 and the same applies for my handhelds.

10. Watch the Star Wars, Aliens, Matrix and Lord of the Rings series this year – I haven’t actually sat down to watch these in quite some time and while it may not be an ambitious goal (ala try to watch 300 films) it is one I want to do for myself.

11. Write a weekly post on what films I’ve been watching to chronicle my year in movies
– While I don’t have the big ambitious number to shoot for this year, I think that the potential of not having any pressure to watch films may actually increase my viewing somewhat and I’d like to have a chronicle of what I’ve been watching.

So there you have it, 11 goals for 2011. We’ll see how it goes.

On a somewhat related note, for those that have asked how I keep track of my gaming time. I keep a notebook by my side almost always. I measure game time from the time I sit down with a controller to play to the time I shut it down. Idle time, as in I am not with a controller in my hand, does not count. However I don’t break down each match of Halo, so load time and incidental idle time not related to me, is counted as play time. I also only measure in ¼ hours. It may not be precise but it is a pretty good ballpark for time spent playing.


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Bad Comapany 2 Rank: 11
CoD: Black Ops Rank: 9


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