The January Wasteland

For the film industry, January is the resident dumping ground for the studio leftovers. This does not mean that good films do not come out during the first month of the year but generally it is a wasteland of slop. Looking over the release list for the month only a handful of titles stroke my interest and not all of them for good reasons.

Season of the Witch – January 7

To be honest if this film did not have Nic Cage it wouldn’t even be on my radar. The fact that he is in it though has me wanting to give it a go just to see how big of a train wreck it really is.

The Green Hornet – January 14

When Kevin Smith was attached to this I was intrigued. Now, with Seth Rogen penning the script and starring as Britt Reid, it looks like an awful film of epic proportions. That said sources I trust that have seen it have said it is a good fun movie. I’m expecting the worst and hoping for the best.

The Company Men – January 21

Ben Affleck, Tommy Lee Jones, Kevin Costner headline a star studded cast in a movie about people and the recession. How such a cast crept up on me without my knowledge is beyond me but consider this as a film I am highly looking forward to.

The Way Back – January 21

I love prison break and survival films. The Way Back is both as it is about a band if inmates that escape from the brutal Siberian prison system and trek 4000 miles to Tibet. This may, at least for me, end up being my film of the month.

The Mechanic – January 28

Despite the sludge that Jason Statham sometimes delivers, I have a soft spot for the big lug head in my heart. He reminds me of Arnold, Stallone and Willis, except all rolled into one and this remake of the Charles Bronson classic seems like just the type of movie they would have been in circa 1985.

The Rite – January 28

I love me some exorcism stories, This one looks like it could fall on the side of good film or utter shit storm of stupidity but I’m willing to give it a go.

So those are the films I am looking forward to in the dry times of January, what are you looking forward to?


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