Congrats to the Seahawks on a fantastic game but the fact that the New Orleans Saints (11-5) even had to play in Seattle was an insult. Not just to the defending Super Bowl champions but also to NFL fans in general. The playoffs are supposed to be the tournament featuring the best teams in the league, a 7-9 team is only one of the best teams in the league if everyone below them only has six wins.

Look, I know they won the NFC West and that by rule they not only get a spot in the playoffs (in this case for being the best of a bunch of bottom feeders) and a home game but when teams like the New York Giants (10-6) and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (10-6) are already on the golf course it seems a little absurd that the Seahawks are one of the best teams in professional football. Sure some are going to say that they beat the Saints and that they proved that they belong in these playoffs but I’m calling bullshit. The Seahawks played a great game and beat a good team that played a terrible game defensively but this was one game. The Seahawks had an entire season to prove they belonged and they never did it. They got through on a technicality from a broken system while more deserving teams got sent home.

Congrats to Pete Carroll and his gameplan. It was a lot of fun to watch, even if the slap stung a bit.

Want to know what hurt more than the Seahawks winning a home playoff game that they never should have had?

The Dolphins extending coach Tony Sparano’s contract by two years. I guess I should be happy, after all 7-9 is a playoff team in some circles, and Sparano has certainly proven he strives for mediocrity, so maybe if the Dolphins can get transferred to the NFC West somehow we could be a playoff team too. What makes no sense about this signing is that the Dolphins were actively pursuing Jim Harbaugh (who signed with the 49ers) and everyone in the league knows that Sparano was the last choice on the list and a lot of his players have openly said he is a crappy coach. This begs the question who the hell is going to want to come to South Florida and play or coach for us? I suppose money is the ultimate negotiating tool but even I would have to think long and hard before going to work for them.

Ugh… maybe the ‘Phins can be so bad that they can get the first pick in the 2012 draft.

I can dream right?

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