My Week in Movies #1

I watch a lot of movies and I felt I needed a chronicle of the films I watched through out 2011, this weekly post seemed the right way to go about it.

Film #1: The Wizard of Oz (1/2/2011)

I’ve watched “The Wizard of Oz” countless times and it is one of those films that never gets old for me. Despite being over 70 years old the film still has a magical quality about it.

Film #2 Bio Zombie(1/2/2011)

I am not the biggest fan of Asian horror but I do love zombies so when “Bio Zombie” was recommended to me by the ever inconsistent Films You’ll Love feature on Netflix I felt It was something I should see. Yeah… not so much.

Film #3 Click (1/3/2011)

“Click” has the right cards to be quite the funny film but it never seems to play them the right way. There are some chuckles in the movie but more often than not the comedy in this film is just painful to watch.

Film #4 The Beach (1/4/2011)

“The Beach” is one of those movies that was ever on my list of films to see but I never actually felt like watching it. That is until I realized that Danny Boyle (28 Days Later, Sunshine, 127 Hours) directed it. While the film certainly has Boyle’s style I never felt attached to any of the characters in the film and ultimately it did not grab my attention the way I had hoped. Still, it is worth watching, if only to see DiCaprio go all feral in the last third of the film.

Film #5 Monsters vs. Aliens (1/5/2011)

Generic Dreamworks film is generic.

Film #6 Dinner for Schmucks (1/5/2011)

*My thoughts on this can be heard on the upcoming first episode of The Movie Dudes.

Film #7 True Grit (1/6/2011)

*My thoughts on this can be heard on the upcoming first episode of The Movie Dudes.

Film #8 Chicken Little (1/7/2011)

Chicken Little is certainly not up to the standards of Pixar but it is an entertaining little romp. Yes the story is simplistic but it is told with a lot of heart.

Film #9 Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie for Theaters (1/7/2011)

Do you know why Aqua Teen Hunger Force is only about 15 minutes long? It is because the show has the ability to hold your attention for that long and no longer. This is proven tragically by this film, ugh…

Film #10 The Town (1/8/2011)

*My thoughts on this can be heard on the upcoming first episode of The Movie Dudes.


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