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I am not a huge anime fan. The genre intrigues me, because of my animation background, but I’ve never really be enthralled but any of it. On the other hand Devil May Cry is a series I have long held a good bit of appreciation for, and yes I even liked DMC2. When I found out a DMC anime had been produced I put it on my queue, despite knowing I would probably not like it one bit.

I generally watch over my Netflix queue like a hawk, moving and shifting titles around as I see fit. Devil May Cry kept creeping towards the top of the list and I kept relegating it back down. But then I got lazy and despite seeing the warning signs I left the list fulfill its destiny and now I have the Devil May Cry anime in my possession.

I could be like a lot of Netflix customers and put the disc on top of my DVD player and wait until the mood to watch the series washes over me. Netflix would undoubtedly love this as I am what some might consider a low tier power user of the service (unlimited 3 discs at a time service with a high turnover) but I can’t sit back and let it knowingly waste my money so I watched it or more accurately am watching it as I type this post out.

There is no easy way to say this but Devil May Cry is kind of a giant turd. Dante seems like a naive sap, Trish is nowhere to be seen (two episodes in) and for some reason (which is kind of explained) Dante is playing babysitter to a young girl who also seems to be the holder of Dante’s balls. I get the fact that the strong point of the game series is not the storytelling but as ridiculous as those stories were, they were at least a blast to play through.

In this anime, there is nothing fun about it. Sure the animation itself is serviceable and the show does have the look of the games down but everything that was cool and fun about the games is gone here. I would love to say that Devil May Cry is a train wreck but it is really nothing more than boring generic anime storytelling at its worst.

Here is hoping the Syfy mini series Tin-Man is a little better (as that should arrive tomorrow).


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Coming Tomorrow: Movie Dudes Episode 1 (maybe)

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