My Week in Movies #2

The continuing adventures chronicling the crap (along with some good stuff) that I watch throughout 2011.

11. Lake Placid (1/9/2011)

It is no secret that I am a big fan of horror films but even so, creature features (sans Jaws) are generally not my thing. Still Lake Placid seemed like a goofy romp and so I gave it a go. Goofy romp is probably the best way to describe Lake Placid as it is a fun film from start to finish. I loved the sarcastic humor and the effects were generally well done which made the film a joy for me to watch. Oh and Betty White rocks.

12. Season of the Witch (1/9/2011)

You can read my review of this at

13. They Live (1/9/2011)

I’ve long heard about how “good” They Live is. It must have been the fact that Rowdy Roddy Piper was in this film that lead people to believe it was a quality flick because aside from that, I could not find anything to like about it.

14. The Life (Yo Puta) (1/10/2011)

I happened to stumble across this film because of its alias, Whore (being used on the Zune marketplace). The Life “Stars” Denise Richards but that is kind of a lie because Richards’ scenes are interspersed between documentary interviews with real life prostitutes. I would have preferred the entire film be the documentary as the dramatic interludes make it seem less real. The people actually involved in the sex trade had interesting and sometimes heartbreaking stories to tell but the ridiculousness of Richards’ involvement gave the film far less weight than it would have had otherwise.

15. Girly (1/11/2011)

Girly is one of the most demented films I think I have ever sat down to watch. When I selected it to watch, I thought it was going to be an early 70s era slasher flick. What I got was something entirely different. Sure there are murders to be had, and they are as cheesy as one would expect early 70s film making to be but the real story is the demented workings of the family Girly is a part of. It is hard to explain but it made me feel like the people were trapped in a real life version of Wonderland, only, you know… more screwed up.

16. Octane (1/11/2011)

Look, I enjoy films like The Fast and the Furious because it appeals to me on a very base level. Fast cars, good looking women and non-stop thoughtless action. Octane, from the looks of its box art, should have been right up my alley but someone forgot to tell the filmmakers of this bore that if you are going to have fast cars and good looking women in your film, they need to actually do something.

17. Shrek 2 (1/12/2011)

I am not the biggest fan of the Shrek series, mostly because they don’t seem to know when to let a good thing die. I enjoyed the first Shrek, it was fun and enjoyable. Shrek 2 is even better and sadly the release of two additional sequels has diminished my love of the characters but still, this film is awesome.

18. Art of the Devil II (1/13/2011)

Art of the Devil was a weird little Thai horror thriller that I saw sometime last year. I was kind of surprised to learn there was a sequel and while I didn’t particularly enjoy the first film, it did have some interesting ideas. Art of the Devil II is a better film but it still is not particularly good. The film does a better job of tying the overall story together and making it coherent, at least until the end, but the acting is terrible. Some of this may be because I was watching a dubbed version but even so I don’t think the Thai version would have been much better. That said, Art of the Devil II has some of the most gruesome scenes in recent horror memory and that alone might be enough for some to watch it. It certainly was enough for me to add Art of the Devil III to my instant queue.

19. Devil (1/14/2011)

It takes some thinking back to remember that M. Night Shyamalan was once considered a top film maker and screenwriter. Those days are long past but Devil gives hope that maybe not all is lost for the once hot filmmaker. Devil, is the first in the Night chronicles and the story was penned by Shyamalan himself but he neither wrote the actual screenplay nor directed it and honestly it is better because of that. Set in the elevator of a Philadelphia office building, the story focuses on the simple tale of the Devil coming to Earth to claim some souls himself. The film does a good job of making you doubt your deductions and while it was never particularly scary it was thoroughly engaging.

20. The Doom Generation (1/15/2011)

It is rare that I can find nothing good about a film. “The Doom Generation” is one of those films. It is riddled with pointless sex and violence and while that may have been the actual point, to show our desensitization, I just didn’t get it.

21. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (1/15/2011)

The first Madagascar was a fun, if somewhat flawed experience. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa follows the same path. It is fun but flawed, maybe even a little more so than the original.

22. Below (1/15/2011)

Submarines are a locale that I enjoy quite a bit in film. I love the claustrophobic environment and the fact that if something goes wrong, everyone on board could end up at the bottom of the ocean. Below, penned by Darren Aronofsky, and directed by David Twohy, is a nail biter. It is a mystery thriller that has tinges of the supernatural and had me on the edge of my seat the entire time I was watching.


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