My Week in Movies #3

I went a little crazy with my viewing last week and watched 18 films bringing my 2011 total to 40. Even better than watching 18 movies in one week though was getting to the theater three times (The Green Hornet, Black Swan and The Way Back).

23. The Green Hornet (1/16) – I liked it, quite a bit more than I was expecting to in fact but I’ve already talked about it so, check out my review.

24. The Other Guys (1/16) – I missed out on going to see The Other Guys in theaters for a variety of reasons but the biggest was the disappointment I felt after watching Cop Out. I should not have balked because The Other Guys is a much better film in terms of quality and outright comedy. I felt it had some pacing issues and ran a tad bit too long but overall, I enjoyed The Other Guys quite a bit.

25. Black Swan (1/17)
– There is something about an Aronofsky film that gets my ears to prick up. I wouldn’t say I am a big fan of the writer/director but his films always intrigue me, Black Swan is no different except this time I loved the film. I’m debating writing a review for it but you can hear my thoughts on Episode #2 of The Movie Dudes coming out Thursday.

26. Hard Eight (1/17) – Some people really have a hard on for director Paul Thomas Anderson, I’m not one of them. I find his films to be wonderfully shot but a tad bit pretentious. That said, Hard Eight was perfectly watchable and while I did not think the big twist was all that dramatic it was a decent film overall.

27. Swamp Thing (1/18) – When Wes Craven is on, he is really on but when he is off his films are utter garbage. Swamp Thing falls under the garbage category.

28. Havoc (1/18) – Havoc was written by a 14-year-old. It kind of shows.

29. Spartan (1/18) – Val Kilmer was once an actor that I banked on for a good film. His reputation has diminished quite a bit over the years but when I saw Spartan pop up as a recommendation for me I decided to give it a go. Spartan is a well told, high-octane thriller that I liked an awful lot. I am kind of upset that I did not give it a chance sooner.

30. Unthinkable (1/18) – Since 9/11, terrorism and the way it is dealt with have become more and more the focus of television and films. What are the lengths we would go to so as to prevent another catastrophe? Unthinkable poses to examine that with Samuel L. Jackson playing a master interrogator/torturer attempting to break a terrorist before three nuclear devices go off in various cities around the country. The subject matter may be disturbing and the way it is shot helps solidify that fact but the overall execution lets it down a bit, ultimately making Unthinkable fall below its potential.

31. Lady & The Tramp (1/19) – Sometimes I have to watch something with my kids. I can’t say I was excited to watch Lady & The Tramp but it is such a good movie that it didn’t take long for me to become engrossed in the film.

32. Buried (1/19) – I liked it, quite a bit. You can hear my thoughts on it Thursday.

33. Art of the Devil III (1/20) – Art of the Devil II was not a direct sequel to the original film, at least as far as I could tell, but Art of the Devil III follows the storyline set forth in the second film. I wish I could say that it was good but much like Art II, it is a lot of gore mixed in with some wonky storytelling.

34. Death at a Funeral (1/20) – I am not going to lie, when I saw the trailer for Death at a Funeral last year I thought of going to see it. It was a fleeting thought though and ultimately I felt good with my decision to skip out on it because of the bad reviews. When it became available to watch on Netflix Instant I thought now would be the perfect chance to watch the train wreck. Surprisingly I did not hate it. I particularly liked Chris Rock, Tracey Morgan, Danny Glover and James Marsden in it. Overall it is mediocre comedy but I found myself laughing at it more than anything else and that is all a comedy needs to do sometimes.

35. Lebanon (1/21) – I had heard all the great reviews for the film and honestly I found it kind of boring. You can hear my more in detail thoughts on it Thursday.

36. Blood Gnome (1/21) – I had no idea this movie existed and if I hadn’t been checking my Twitter feed at exactly the right moment I probably never would have either. Damn you Twitter, damn you.

37. Armored (1/21) – Despite having a solid cast Armored looked like it sucked but after watching it for a few minutes I realized it was not going to give in that easily. It is not good but it is entertaining and for a film like this I consider that a win.

38. The Way Back (1/21) – Quick review, it is dull and sleep inducing (literally). Long review, coming this week.

39. Stash (1/22) – Ugh… the horrors of low-budget horror films.

40. Race to Witch Mountain (1/22)
– I sat down to watch Race to Witch Mountain with my two oldest kids (five and seven) fully expecting it to be atrocious. You know what? Race to Witch Mountain is perfectly entertaining even if it is a bit kiddish and the Rock, well he carries the movie on his back with his never-ending depth of charm.


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