Things I Thought About At The Modern Warfare 3 Midnight Launch

I went to the Modern Warfare 3 launch against my better judgement. Here is what crossed my mind as I stood in the ridiculously long line:


– Why am I here? I’m too old for this shit.

– I understand that Call of Duty’s initials spell cod but when you call the game cod, I feel that you are talking about fish.

– It is cold.

-Why is this dude crawling up my ass? Being in my ass won’t get him his copy of the game any sooner.

-There are an insane amount of people in this line.

– EA should just go cry in the corner now because I don’t think they cut into the Call of Duty market share, in fact looking at this line the market share is bigger than it ever was.

-Memo to dude #238, celebrating your purchase of the game looks stupid when you are the first person to get it. Being #238 in line and celebrating, makes you look a raging moron.

– There sure is an inordinate amount of small people here. Where are their parents hiding?

– Memo to the dude that pulls up at 12:25 and tries to sell us his copy of the game for $200. We are already in line to get our own copy, what is another five minutes or so.


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