There May Be Spoilers: The House of the Devil

As much as I love to write reviews, not everything I see, play, or read needs to have a review attached to it. Still despite there not being a need for reviews of everything, I oftentimes find myself still wanting to talk about it. Oftentimes this is resolved during the recording of the two podcasts I co-host (The Perfectly Sane Show and Movie Dudes) but even then I sometimes don’t vocalize everything I want to say.

For about a year or so now, my friend (and podcast co-host) Jeff has been doing video discussions of certain things he wants to talk about. I felt this might be the best way for me to get the need to talk about certain things out of my system. Thus, There May Be Spoilers was born. In this video series, or Vlog I suppose (although I absolutely hate that word), I’ll be talking about games, books, and movies of things I have recently experienced for the first time and am not doing a formal review for. So no entries of say, The Two Towers (which I watched yesterday), but nearly everything else is game.

This first recording is a bit rough. You would do yourself a favor by turning down the volume before hitting play. I need to find a way to get better audio on the recording, but hopefully I will get better or at least more comfortable in front of the camera as I do more of them.


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