A Short Time Ago in A Galaxy Right Across The Street

From my earliest of memories, I remember being fan of Star Wars. My parents tell me that my first film was The Empire Strikes Back, when I was not even two years old yet. Listening to my parents tell it, I was the perfect little film goer not making a peep throughout the entirety of the film but that is besides the point. Star Wars has seemingly always been a part of my life including my hobby of gaming.

I have played numerous Star Wars games, some very good, some very bad. But none have had the impact on my gaming habits quite like Star Wars: The Old Republic have over the last month. My expectations for The Old Republic were exponentially low. It is not that I did not think it would be a good game, I just did not think it would be a good game for me. Personally, I just do not enjoy the trappings of the MMO RPG genre. I played Star Wars Galaxies when it came out and found it to be an abysmal place to visit. I have also played the likes of Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online, neither of which ever wet my whistle much. So when I jumped into the beta a few weeks prior to its release I was surprised. The Old Republic was perfectly playable as a single player game, complete with a fully fleshed out story for each of the eight character classes and that was enough to get me to consider giving it a shot.

I installed it on Christmas Day but did not get a chance to jump into action until New Year’s Eve. Since that time, I’ve been hooked, finding a couple hours every day to do a couple quests. For the hardest of the hardcore, a couple hours of playtime a day is nothing. I’ve heard reports of people having already logged over 300 hours in the game, but for me it is something that pulls me away from other games and that IS a big deal to me. It is not like I am only playing The Old Republic, but I am not playing as many other games, and you know what? I do not really care.

I do not know if this game was made for traditional MMO players, loners, or a new target group all together. I do know however, that this game was made for me. There is something about The Old Republic that works for me on a base level. Something that drives me to keep playing. Sure, I have issues with it and I’ll bring some of them up in my next post, but right now I am enjoying my time traversing the galaxy and have no issues with EA subtracting my first monthly payment later this week.


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