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I’ve been out of action for the last 10 days or so for a variety of reasons and I missed a lot of the drama surrounding the Eurogamer piece from nearly two weeks ago. While the controversy mostly seems to be dying down I felt this quote from Jim Sterling’s rant on Game Front was worth sharing.

What’s more, trying to bury certain criticisms can often turn things into insults or slurs when they’re not actually insulting at all. Like those writers who insist on being called “game journalists” and not what most of them are — bloggers. Nowadays, there are gamers who use the term “blogger” or “enthusiast press” as a slur, because there are writers who try to hide from it, bury it, and not own up to reality. I say, what the fuck is wrong with being a blogger? What’s wrong with being enthusiast press? Do you guys really think most of you are above that kind of label? Oh please. You’re fans, you’re gamers, you’re no more qualified than people on NeoGAF or your own comments sections. Many of you are more akin to entertainers than journalists. You’re just lucky enough to be paid for your opinion. Don’t get me wrong, many of you work hard, work long hours, and have a lot of writing talent. You should be proud of that. You should be confident in that. If you’re the kind of person who feels insulted when you’re called a blogger or an enthusiast, you don’t come across as proud of yourself at all. You come across ashamed. You come across as needing approval for being what you’re not, rather than what you are, and then you’re just another dodgy accountant, pouring those files into that shredder.

That paragraph pretty much sums up my thoughts on the entire issue. I, as a Reviews Editor for Vagary.TV, am not a journalist. I write about games, movies and television for a blog and I do so because I enjoy those things and want to share my thoughts on them. There is no shame in being what you are, whether it be an editor at IGN, a contributor at Vagary, or someone just starting out with a blog of their own. But most importantly, own it and take criticism of your criticism constructively and learn to build off of  it, ultimately making yourself better int he process.


One thought on “My Thoughts Exactly

  1. Wait… I thought I wrote for Vagary to get legions of adoring fans to stare at their computer screen hanging on my every word.

    Damn it.

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