2015 Entertainment Goals

I love goals and having something to actively pursue throughout the year. Because of this I like to set a listing of attainable entertainment goals for the new year. This year I upped my book goal by 10 to 36 and doubled my film watch number but even so, I think all are quite attainable.

  • Read the The Legend of Drizzt Chapters I to XIII
  • Read 36 books total
  • Watch 32 films from 2015
  • Watch 150 “new” films – “new” being defined as I haven’t seen the film before.
  • Finish Final Fantasy I-VI (including FFIV: The After Years)
  • Play 50 backlog games and write pieces on at least 30 of them
  • Finish each 2015 purchased retail game before getting a new one
  • Watch all free episodes of the follow
    • Sons of Anarchy
    • True Blood
    • Sherlock
    • The Wire
    • Justified
    • Elementary

Do you have any entertainment goals for the year? If so, what are they?

NEXT TIME: Top 25 Video Games of 2014


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