Entertainment Goals 2015 – Recap

Earlier this year I set some entertainment goals for myself. They didn’t go so as planned as I got off track and kind of brushed it all under the rug. I’m kind of OK with that as well though as I feel I had a pretty good year playing outside the lines.

  • Read the The Legend of Drizzt Chapters I to XIII – Failed – Read I through IV
  • Read 36 books total – Failed – Only read 14 books
  • Watch 32 films from 2015 – Success – Watched 46 2015 Films
  • Watch 150 “new” films – “new” being defined as I haven’t seen the film before. – Failed – Not even close
  • Finish Final Fantasy I-VI (including FFIV: The After Years) – Failed – Didn’t even finish FFI
  • Play 50 backlog games and write pieces on at least 30 of them – Failed – Not sure how far I made it but it wasn’t close
  • Finish each 2015 purchased retail game before getting a new one – Failed – BWAHAHAHAHAHA
  • Watch all free episodes of the follow
    • Sons of Anarchy – Failed – Did not finish season 7
    • True Blood – Failed – Did not finish season 5
    • Sherlock – Success
    • The Wire – Failed – Did not finish season 2
    • Justified – Failed – Did not even start
    • Elementary – Failed – Did not finish season 1



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